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To the surprise of many new fans of Kpop, it was only in the later half of the last decade that Kpop's explosive global popularity made achieving 100 million milestone on YouTube easier. However, BIGBANG's “Fantastic Baby,” the title track of BIGBANG’s fifth mini-album “Alive,” despite its huge popularity in Korea and abroad, took two years to achieve this milestone and became the first Korean boy group to do so. 

The "Alive" album also became the first Korean album to chart on Billboard 200 at #150. 

As the group is getting ready to make their long awaited return on the Coachella stage on April 10th and 17th, fans are predicting what songs they will choose to perform. 

Although many have heard "Fantastic Baby" enough times, one more time on the Coachella stage is a must! Are you also looking forward to what songs BIGBANG are going to perform? 



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