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So superM concerts are a real meal. We observe the members slowly get comfortable with each other and being able to be a part of the beginning of something so phenomenal is a treat to the fans! To watch the members slowly evolve out of their own comfort zone and come together in this new supergroup and develop their own kind of skinship is something the fans have been craving. 

It was during their We Are The Future Live concert tour, in LA to be precise, when fans noticed Taeyong’s most adorably embarrassing moment. 

Don't get carried away by this intimidating aura he's giving right after a powerful performance. 

Because this is what exactly happened right after. 

Just after their sinful performance, Taeyong sure had a lifetime's moment to remember. Once the said performance was almost coming to an end, Mr. TY was probably too excited and jopped really hard. 

No! It's not what you're thinking! 

So poor Taeyong ripped his pants and still gave a killer ending pose. I mean I'd be super embarrassed if I were in his place. However, what he did next caught everyone's attention. 

He quickly moved towards Kai and showed him what happened with an excited and most adorable smile. Kai was first amazed by his approach and instead of teasing him, he wore the sweetest grin and embraced Taeyong tenderly as if wordlessly expressing his sympathy. A hug that says 'it's okay you don't need to worry' and maybe that's exactly what Taeyong needed at that moment. 

Fans say that Kai looked like a really proud hyung and hugged Taeyong as if congratulating him. After Kai ripped his blue velvet shirt on the very 1st stage of SuperM’s debut, he was somehow glad that he had someone sailing on the same boat. 

Some fans also say that ripping pants on stage is a must for the dance line. That’s how they feel they have done a nice job. 

Well, Fans couldn't stop retweeting this for the both funny and adorable moment that it is. They're happy and content that the members are casual and free with each other lately. Moments like these show how their chemistry has developed immensely and that being part of the same entertainment company can have its perks.  

Until then, here are some other kai and Teyong moments. Or as fans call it, #kaiyong moments to feed on.

This video of kai taking care of Taeyong has made everyone go soft for both of them.

Here’s another image that shows their bond has upgraded to a whole new level.

Here's one more, where EXO's makne kai is a hyung to the others in SuperM and fans just couldn't survive this. 

This sweet airport moment where the two are seen helping each other went pretty viral for the amount of cuteness that's overloaded in this tweet. 

Lastly, their first apperance as SuperM was driving the fans crazy when Kai and Taeyong were giggling like babies. Like they had been brothers all along and this is something the fans always cherish. Since it marks the begining of something very special. 

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