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When talking about idols with stunning visuals, NCT’s Jaehyun is definitely worth mentioning. When it comes to on stage or off stage, Jaehyun's glass skin is as everglow as m orning dew. His luscious skin and fresh look emits an aura only princes from fairy tales can. 

Earlier in an episode of NCT’s youtube channel, NCT Daily, Jaehyun first revealed his skincare routine in the video Titled Daily JAEHYUN : Holiday of Yuno. 

Well, fans expected a really lengthy process that involved a lot of beauty and skincare products not fairly known to the public and who could blame them! For a face like Jaehyun’s, that’s a prerequisite. However, it turns out that pretty boy Jae only used a face wash and a toner and this drove the fans crazy. That’s when they all realized the wise words said by Kim Do Young…

Perhaps, one surely needs the genetics to be born with such a beautiful face!

On another latest episode of NCT 127 24hr RELAY CAM that released a few months later, Jaehyun’s skincare routine made a teeny tiny upgrade. He also applied serum and lip balm this time! That’s 2 whole new steps! You don’t believe me? Check it out in the video below.

Well when Mr. Jeong Jaehyun’s visuals are no joke, this is how envious the fans are.

They’d go as far as buying the same toner that he uses even when they're aware of rough odds. 

He’s surely being a tease with that smirk he gave us there.

Making it sound so easy to have a beautiful face.

All we can say is, fans adore him and envy him both at the same time. Well, thanks to mama and papa Jung for this charming beauty that the whole world can’t take eyes off. 

Guess we all need to accept the fact that not everbody is lucky to bare a face like Jung Jaehyun.

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