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Peter Schenk Dutch Painting of the Yamassee War PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:01

Dutch Painting of Yamassee War

A Dutch view of the Yamasee War. The full title, translated from the Dutch, reads "The gruesome attack of the Indians on the English, in Carolina, West Indies, on 19 April 1715

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Yamassee Seminole Pow Wow 2014 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 17:07




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Yamassee War PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 01:29

Yamassee War 1715


The "Yamassee War of 1715"


Most of the European’s over-simplified explanations for the war are true ,but do not out-line the heart nor core of the start of the war, especially detailed accounts of the causes and effects. Personal perspectives and narratives  tell a unique experience with the Yamassee Indian Tribe of South Carolina. The Yamassee encountered various settlers over the centuries via our different bands or clans whom all called or considered themselves Yamassee ie. Guale, Hitchiti, Iguaja etc.....

The Yamassee were very hard working Gentle people and attempted and succeeded in sharing our knowledge of life, farming and strategies for battle with our New visitors and neighbors.

Our gentle nature and fierce battle techniques made us formidable allies (and) enemies to those we encountered. Untold stories reveal that the war that became known as the "Yamassee War of 1715" left the Carolina's with history's most bloodiest war, compared to King Phillips. With well over 400 Carolina citizens dead from a basic account and the many more soon to be killed , our Tribe went on a War path with well over 15,000 Yamassee Indians and support from other Indians in the Region. The Yamassee War Almost destroyed the European colonization.

The results of the Yamassee War, is the main reason behind the creation of many other tribes like the Seminole etc...

Reference names like the Tuscarora, Apalachee, Guale, Catawba, Seminole as those who fought against the settlers with us, will reveal the Yamassee apart of all of their historic timelines!

Unfair trade practices, and Land Encroachments violating a South Carolina Law forced us to war. We  saw no other options as the White mans people would not even follow their own laws , set by the General Assembly, their highest form of Government at that time!

(See Yamassee Map)

Giving different names to  bands of the Yamassee Confederacy was an attempt of the settlers to divide and conquer us, for we never gave ourselves the names the settlers used to describe us. Convinced of the advantage of being able to identify each tribe location by regions and names gives the illusion to most, that the Yamassee Confederacy was a Separate Nation by Town names and surely defeated.

Yamassee Indians are the: Altamaha, Pocotaligo, Salkehatchie, Hitchiti (now known as Mikisuki) , Oconee, Cusabo, Guale, Yuchi, Tomatly, Jamassi, Americario, Okeete, Chechesee, Tama & more...

How did the Yamassee Seem to Virtually Disappear from History books and be considered extinct?

By one event, which was  a created Law that affected all Indians in this state (South Carolina) and adopted by many states afterward by its success, and lastly  a known historical fact!

The Event was called the South Carolina Slave code, forcing All that was not European into slavery, unless proven you were freed by virture of documentation. This documentation was almost impossible to achieve as you had to know how to read, and reading was illegal to Non-Whites, punishable by 100lbs. But the other factor was Slave catchers whom would literally capture Indians of dark skin or anyone claiming Indian, and force them into slavery , but change their ethnicity from "Indian" to now being called a word coined "Negro" "Mulatto" and other titles ,but real Africans were called exactly that "Africian". Lets make note:  All indians whom you called red men, were Literally Dark skinned or copper toned, so All were identified as "negro" No execptions were made. How did that affect the Yamassee, more than any other group of Indians is simple. We had the largest group of tribal people and factually were described as "Black" or "Afrcian American" we were considered darker than the Creeks a new word coined by Europeans to describe Yamassee bands or clans found on river banks or creeks. See our description in congressional records below: Proper Historical Research would allow a self appointed native researcher , to know that the Yamassee were looked no differently than any other Indian, once the Slave Codes were inacted. There are those of us that still ook "Black" and those of us that look "White" but we know our blood to be be proven Yamassee.

 Click link : Congressional described as Negro Indians

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More Pow Wows PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 March 2014 19:19


AUGUST 9 & 10, 2014


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Confusing Ideaology PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 12:37

What has become confusing for governmental bodies and municipalities is the comprehension of “Federal Recognition” , believing if a Tribe or Tribal Nation is not “Acknowledged” then they are not a “Real” tribe. This cannot be further from the truth as court cases clearly proves. What lacks in understanding is Federal recognition only allows tribes access to federal benefits and programs set aside for tribes in need of assistance, to operate their governments. In a recent Senate hearing it was cited:


Federal recognition is the acknowledgement of an American Indian Tribe by the federal government of the United States. It affirms a federal trust responsibility for a “government-to government” relationship between the United States and the tribal government and establishes tribal eligibility for certain federal American Indian programs."

Federal recognition is the correction of an error in the relationship between the United States and the tribal nation receiving the acknowledgement it was always due. Federal recognition does not bestow sovereignty, but acknowledges a tribe’s inherent sovereignty. Federal Indian Policy holds that American Indian Tribes have a sovereignty that predates the United States and is not bestowed by any federal action. Furthermore, while the trust responsibility is formally acknowledged by federal recognition, it exists even without such recognition. This fact was included in a 1977 congressional report citing the Pasamaquoddy v. Morton case:

Pasamaquoddy v. Morton presented an important decision regarding the executive branch use of the distinction “recognized” and “non-recognized”. The Department stipulated for the purpose of the case that the Passamaquoddy were an Indian tribe, but argued that it was not required as a trustee to prosecute the Passamaqoddy claim against the State of Maine, since the tribe was“unrecognized”. The Court rejected the [Department of Interior’s] position finding that that the United States has a trust obligation to the tribe. The case makes it clear that the executive branch cannot arbitrarily exclude Indian tribes from its trust relationship.” This Quote is taken from

JULY 12, 2012
Found Here: Committee On Indian Affairs


Another issue for the Yamassee Indian Tribe has been the lack of understanding to the Identity of the Yamassee. Lack of education hinders those without historical references to comprehend certain facts to certain tribes that established this Great State of South Carolina. The “Yamassee War of 1715” was the most historical turning point for the State of South Carolina. Not only was it a turning point, it was a great moment for “ Black History” which is not commonly advertised or mentioned.

In a Quote cited from the Congressional serial set United States Government Printing Office

57th Congress 1st Session. House of Representatives Document 179 Report of the Industrial Commission on Agriculture and Agricultural labor Washington Government printing Office

Year 1901, page 824.

"Yamasee Indians were Negroes, what were known afterwards as the fiercest of the Indians tribes of the South- the well known Yamasee Indians were Africans”

What is not also pointed out is that the Yamassee were proven to have been here before the continental drift happened and the Land mass was considered one called by the Greeks “ Pan Gia”. The Purpose by providing this information is mainly because it has been purported and rumored by some we are just “ Black” and anyone can be a Indian, if they are. This cannot be further from the truth and becomes an insult to our Tribe, only because ignorance is the determining factor behind that type of thinking.

For reference we are the only tribe in history clearly Identified by congress, and history books.

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