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Hi, I’m Bridget Holland, owner of NoBull Marketing. I work with small business owners to get their marketing into shape and delivering results.

I’ve spent more years than I like to think about helping small to medium businesses grow. Most of those years I was marketing services, and that’s what I do best. Nowadays I help other business owners by getting hands-on with what will make the most difference to them and their business.

I love helping someone get their ideas organised into a coherent plan, and then making that plan happen.


“Bridget has worked with Preferred Media as a Marketing consultant for over 3 years covering an infinite variety of subjects – marketing strategy, content, digital presence, lead generation, surveys, driving brand review, website content management etc. – all with good positive results. However her real talent is providing untarnished strategic business analysis which I’ve always found invaluable.”

Jonathan Armytage | Chairman & CEO | Preferred Media

“NoBull Marketing provides my business actionable recommendations for my marketing strategy. She offers practical advice that makes a difference. Whenever we meet I am able to focus on a clear way forward.” 


 Sarah Morgan | Founder | Morgan Institute

There are plenty of marketing techniques and options. All of them can work. But not all of them will work for all businesses, or at the same time.

I think of them as tools in a marketing toolbox, and one thing I do is help you pick the right tools for your specific job.

The tools you need will vary. Your target market and your service are different from everyone else’s. But the basics of marketing stay the same.

  • Know your market; reach your market; deliver for your market.
  • Consistently, not in fits and starts.
  • And measure everything you do so you know what works and can keep getting better.

If that sounds like something you’d like to try, we should talk.

I mentioned a whole range of marketing tools and techniques. NoBull Marketing isn’t big enough to do all those things in-house. Not properly anyway, and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Instead, we partner with a range of trusted specialists. Think of a builder who hires a specialist carpenter, plumber, electrician or bricklayer. We can also work with your existing providers. It’s always good to expand our network!

Our specialist expertise which we do offer from inhouse is all about content marketing. We create the content which gets people to your website. We create content on your website that engages, attracts and convert them. We manage email newsletters and nurture automations that keep your contacts engaged, interested and convert more of them into clients.

If you’d like to have content which attracts people, moves them one step at a time along the buyer journey and helps you grow your business through new clients and through more business from existing clients.  Let’s talk.

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A bit more about me


When I first came to Australia (I’m originally from the UK and I moved around a bit) I was tasked with opening up a business conferences division for the company I worked for. I did some simple things right – talked to potential attendees to find out what they wanted; built a database of contacts; sent targeted direct mail – and within 12 months we were outperforming the UK head office.

I cut my digital marketing teeth running back when the internet was still scary. (Told you it was more years then I like to think about!) I tripled revenues in two years and the owners made a killing when they sold to Fairfax for $38.2 million.


Since 2019, I have presented on marketing topics for the Hills Shire Council SMART Series of Business Education workshops.

I am certified in ClickDimensions, the number one marketing automation plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

NoBull Marketing is the official blogging partner of GrowthGen. The community for small businesses wanting to network, grow their business. And achieve work-life balance.



I’m always happy to have an initial chat at no cost. And I aim to give you at least one actionable tip in that conversation.

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