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Kim Jong In aka KAI of EXO is most popularly known for his dancing skills that’s cherished by all the idols all over the kpop industry. Most of the idols are seen covering his dance moves let it be either variety shows or the social media. This dancing king can also pull off a crop top on stage cornering the imperious gender stereotype. But what he is most remarkably known is for his utmost love to his fashion brand GUCCI, sporting it everywhere with no boundaries. 

Kai’s Gucci airport fashion

His first appearance after a very devastating time of his life. Right after the loss of a loved one he was strong enough to get back up and with what? With the most beautiful smile he has ever shown us. This GUCCI outfit with that smile trended worldwide for quite a long time with fans wishing him strength and also admiring his sunshine grin. It was his way of letting the fans that he was doing okay and what’s best if not GUCCI. 

Who says purses are only for women?

This idol-fashionista does not just leave gender stereotypes silent with only crop tops but also proves that purses can be a significant style statement. This took GUCCI by a storm – again! breaking internet trends as this model does not play safe! This moment was when GUCCI realized that KAI is one of their most cherished ambassadors and he does not just see this as his job but as his passion. 

The most awaited GUCCI show

Now who would have imagined that! At a time when models and brand ambassadors are all careful of how they appear, KAI was the only one sporting a brave GUCCI look that made everyone’s jaw drop. The media had a feast and of course GUCCI was more than ecstatic! 

GUCCI can’t get enough of KAI 

Well, GUCCI themselves flaunt their ambassador and shower him with loads of love. Their Twitter and Instagram is always filled with KAI appreciation, with editors in chief of the finest in the industry, be it W, Elle, or even Vogue! They all seem to be whipped for KAI and his GUCCI fashion. Ambassadors are usually solo artists with vast portfolios in their names, kai had no solo work and yet he could woo Gucci with his utmost dedication. 

KAI loves GUCCI too!

This pretty boy always carries a hint of GUCCI in the most subtle manner. Even if it’s just a plain sweater for his airport look, while heading to his concert venue, his IG story or if it’s a simple yet elegant sling bag at variety shows or even his adorable accessories in almost every episode of EXO Climb the ladder…. This GUCCI KING goes all out in showing his love. 


This guy here went as far as creating his own Instagram profile only to showcase his modelling life, GUCCI being the center of attraction as always. His very first IG post was for GUCCI and we can’t appreciate GUCCI enough for giving this boy a contract even when he didn't have an SNS account to start off with. Now if that doesn’t scream KAI then what does!? 

A mere gucci ring that got sold out 

This broke all records when Kai was spotted wearing GUCCI from head to toe while attending one of the said brand’s events. What caught everyone’s eye was the bling on his finger and he being the main reason for it being sold out. Well, GUCCI chose the right brand ambassador after all!

Now, last but not the least...

GUCCI’S global ambassador

GUCCI will never let go of kai. Making him the global brand ambassador for GUCCI eyewear is the perfect epitome one can reach in their career as an ambassador and KAI has got it all. He has invested his time and pushed the brand at every opportunity he got. In essence, Kim Jong In worked hard for this campaign and he deserves all the respect. 

Kai was excited so the fans became excited. His enthusiasm fed the fans and they became loud about it. At every public appearance he made sure to come with a different concept. He took fashion risks and showed various sides of the brand that no one can dream of doing. We hope to see much more of Kai with a hell lot of GUCCI fashion, breaking more records and setting higher standards. The GUCCI boy everyone needs to know is right here! 

His latest project with GUCCI and all we need to know about KAI is right below. This video speaks of his jorney as a star and how he his father played a major role in his career and the sacrifises he made in order to make KAI what he is right now.


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