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With the immense spread of coronavirus, China is doing all it might to fight the deadly pathogen that’s been spreading like wildfire. The government has made it obligatory for cities in and around Wuhan to use face masks as a protection shield against the tragic disaster. 

Zhang Yixing, popularly known as Lay of EXO has taken charge as a responsible citizen and has donated 100,000 rmb through his studio to the Wuhan Red Cross Society to help combat the noxious coronavirus. 

As the ambassador of the Communist Youth League of China, Yixing has proven all his love for his country by crossing all bounds in an attempt to provide to the nation. 

He donated 60,000 masks to 2 hospitals as well as disease control and prevention centre in Wuhan. 

8 boxes of medical supplies and 24,000 masks have been sent to 3 hospitals & police stations in Hunan as well including 130,000 masks to grass roots police stations and communities in Wuhan.

During such a crisis where face masks are a basic protection for survival, Yixing purchased 8 boxes of medical supplies and 2 boxes of KF94 masks from South korea and had them shipped over to distribute to medical staff and frontline workers in Hunan taking into consideration their emergency facemask scarcity in the country. Now if that doesn't scream humble then what does!? 

Lastly, as of February 4th 2020, yixing has already donated 296,500 masks and 100,000RMB to help with the coronavirus outbreak in China. 

Yixing has always shied away from media when it comes to his generosity but this time the country is making it loud and clear. Most people in South Korea and China say that he must have saved his country in his previous life to have been born so humble and with a beautiful face. Well, Lay is certainly doing it now too! These small yet benevolent moments are what makes his fans fall deeper and deeper in love with this amazing artist. 

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