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BTS V is making a new history! As per the reports, the BTS member's Chinese fan site, known as "KIMTAEHYUNGBAR", made a new record again proving that V is the most popular idol with the most powerful fanbase out there.

BTS V' s birthday is coming up and his thousands of fans are putting their heads together to get him the best gifts. 

On the 7th of December, V Baidu Bar disclosed Part 5 of their birthday support series "VIONYSUS" with the theme "The Biggest Party". 

BTS V will have the largest and most luxurious LED screen support ever. A total of 16,000 square meters of central area landmark LED screens in 36 cities, including 22 province cities, 5 capital of autonomous regions, 4 province-level municipalities, 5 state plan specifically designated cities in China.

Chinese V fans have always shown the strong and sincere love to Taehyung. Therefore, this year, they wanted to bring the Chinese LED screen support to a whole NEW LEVEL so that all Chinese fans come from all corners of the country  to celebrate Taehyung birthday together.

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