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On January 10th 2020, Bella Hadid shared GDRAGON Coachella post on her instagram story and it's seems she's also looking forward to his performance at the festival.  Fans were surprised to know that they are still in contact because GDRAGON wasn't available for 18 months due to his enlistment at Korean military service from Feb 27, 2019 and was discharged in October 26, 2019.

Bella and GDRAGON met in 2016 during a photoshoot for Vogue China with has since remained good friends. She was specially invited to his Paris couture fashion week party in January 2017.

She was spotted with Peaceminuone ball cap in November 2017 which is GDRAGON fashion brand and also shared his picture on her instagram story in January 2018.

Bella Hadid Instagram story on January, 2018

Bella Hadid at GDRAGON party in Paris 

Bella Hadid spotted wearing Peaceminusone ball cap in November, 2017

Fans are happy to learn they are still friends after 3 years and are  looking forward to their interactions at Coachella in April, 2020.

BIGBANG is among the line up for Coachella 2020 and they will be performing on April 10th & 17th. They are the first Kpop boy group to perform at the festival.


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