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With the ongoing We Are The Future Live concert tour and their american promotions, SuperM has brought various colors of K-Pop to the western countries. Literally!

During the beginning of their tour, fans on twitter were all laughs when a picture of a concert venue staff went viral. They spotted a cameraman intently using a cheat sheet to focus on the members while they were on stage. It clearly displays pictures of each member along with their names and fans couldn’t control their laughter seeing that.

After a short yet brief break due to their individual schedules, SuperM returned to the Unites States for the second half of their concert tour in 2020. Right then, another picture spread over twitter when all the members appeared in different looks all together and the whole cheat sheet looked like a total mess. The fans couldn’t keep it in anymore and broke out into fits of uncontrollable laughter and now they all generously sympathize the cameraman together. 

Here’s the same picture but since they all appeared in different styles now, it is explained a little in more detail. Baekhyun started the tour with pink hair color and now has changed his hair color to blue for the second half of their tour and the same way for Taeyong and Mark.

Further, they add details describing their acts as to the first person who performs solo is Taemin or the main dancer Kai whose present hair color is nowhere close to what's in the picture and Lucas as the tallest member. Well, looks like the cameraman's job has gotten a little easier?  

Tweets have been flooding all over twitter and this explains it all. With Kai’s and Ten’s description being the most favourite. Kai is described as “naked dance at the end” because of his shirtless performance during his confession solo and well, Ten, the Thai boy is pretty much good at everything. Says his english is Americanized! And what else can describe the members if not for their hair colors! 

Now, all the fans are not just waiting for their performances but also eagerly waiting for the members to play with their looks just to see what the staff would do next. 

Wonder what SuperM thinks of this fun idea! Until then, take a look at their most recent We Are The Future concert in LA.

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