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The second half of 2019 brought us a lot of great hits, but there's always a few songs that flow under our radar. Check out some songs you might have missed below!

SOLE (쏠) - LOVIN' U (Feat. pH-1)

[Save Me 2 구해줘 2 OST] Shin Jae (신재) - Belief

Stella Jang(스텔라장) _ YOLO

Find.A(파인데이) - Love Me

준태(of TREI) - '퍼퓸 OST Part.11' - someday

가호 (Gaho) - FLY 

혁(HYUK) - 'way to you'

JuniorChef(주니어셰프) _ Situation (Feat. June One)

로안 (LOANN) - Underwater

미드나잇 (MIDNIGHT) - 알고리즘 (Feat. 슬리피)

ARGON (아르곤) - Give me dat

Kim Jin Ho(김진호) _ Firecrackers and stars(폭죽과 별) 

김필 (Kim Feel) - '사랑 둘 (Love 2)'

3YE (써드아이) - OOMM

뮤즈그레인 (MuzGrain) - 자전거 산책 Bicycle Strolling

Crucial Star(크루셜스타) - Work To Do(밀린 일)

KWON SOON IL(권순일 (어반자카파)) _ Just Broke Up Today(오늘 내가 한 이별) (With Kim Min Seok(김민석))

이혁 E Hyuk - Fly Away

cacophony(카코포니) - Return(귀환)

혁 (HYUK) - '너의 밤은 아프지 않기를 (A long night)'


Stella Jang(스텔라장) _ Miracle(보통날의 기적) (Feat. Paul Kim(폴킴))

라비 (RAVI) - LIMITLESS (Feat. Sik-K, Xydo (시도)) (Prod. YUTH)

프라이머리 (Primary) - 'Bad High (Feat. Jade)'

SF9 ZUHO - 다락방 (Feat. Sogumm) (Prod. by ZUHO)

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